Selected Webdesign is a directory of interesting and/or well designed websites from around the world. It's a very personal selection of sites - so if your suggested site is not accepted, don't be cross with me! It should not only be possible to browse new and nice stuff, also i want to provide a little bit some kind of "tool functionality" for workaday life. So all the stuff is well organized in categories and maybe with the right filter settings you find solutions for typical web design tasks/problems. The category system is always in movement (in the background for example i'm working on a better color section), so for some sites the categorization is not finished (maybe never :) English is not my native language - so i'm very open for suggestions if something is cruel to read for you. Immo


Just found your amazing website and wanted to say THANKS so much :) It's an incredible resource, inspiration and you've obviously invested a lot of time, effort and love into it!

I've sent the link to all my design colleagues and friends - a lot of people who are all equally amazed and impressed!

Thanks again!

thanks :)

thanks :)