LAb[au] 2008

LAb[au] 2008

"LAb[au] is an artist group located in Brussels, Belgium. It has been founded with the aim to examine the influence of advanced technologies in the forms, methods and content of art. With a background in architecture their members and projects are con- cer"

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Location: Europe | Belgium
Type: Art Project | Art
Style: texture | technical & application & tool | pixel | pattern | minimalism
Design Elements: lines
Layout: Three columns
Functionality: Thickbox
Color: dove-coloured | black
Agency: LAb[au]

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Designer / Agency


our website

Hello! thanks a lot for the inclusion . It's actually our temporary website (that lasts since 2 year, while we develop the new interface, due to be online in Christmas 2008 _ a complete webtooish application featuring a very experimental, yet usable indexing interface. so, in regards to your question: the design is done internally, so the website author to be quoted is LAb[au] thanks much for your interest! Alexandre LAb[au]