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CDC Closes Anthrax, Flu Labs After Potentially Deadly Mix-Ups Come to Light

In the wake of two potentially deadly accidents, the CDC yesterday announced the temporary closure of both the anthrax and flu research labs at the agency's Atlanta headquarters.

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Shingle-clad cultural centre by Modostudio offers spectacular mountain views


Using the TGM Plugin Activation Library in Your Themes

Themes aren't meant to be functional, but as theme developers, we mostly need to include some features to make our theme a bit better and a function, you know, functional. 

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Jan Almquist: Perceiving Deeply: On “Teaching to See”, a film about Inge Druckrey

On Teaching to See, A film by Andrei Severny; produced by Edward Tufte.


The Starter's Guide for OpenCart: An Introduction

Final product imageWhat You'll Be Creating

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Refactoring Legacy Code: Part 8 - Inverting Dependencies for a Clean Architecture

Old code. Ugly code. Complicated code. Spaghetti code. Gibberish nonsense. In two words, Legacy Code. This is a series that will help you work and deal with it.


How To Display Post Meta Data on a WordPress Post

In my last series of articles, we looked at the concepts of object-oriented programming from the perspective of the beginner.


Create a Plane Fighting Game in Corona: Gameplay

Final product imageWhat You'll Be CreatingIntroduction

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Magical Pool

Next time you jump into a pool, watch out, you might come out like this lady… Did you know Tattlys are waterproof?

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The National Poster Retrospecticus Showcases The Best Handcrafted Posters

No longer promoting movies and events, these amazing posters are now taking center stage in …

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Take a digital health check

How digitally healthy is your organisation? Is it prepared for the changes digital is bringing? Here are the questions that will give you the answers.

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Initiative “Schöneres Backend”: 20 kostenlose Dashboard UI Mockups

Administrationsoberflächen sind für manch moderne Website unabdingbar.

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Intelligent Thimble Could Replace the Mouse In 3D Virtual Reality Worlds

New submitter anguyen8 (3736553) writes with news of an interesting experiment spatial input device. From the article: "The mouse is a hugely useful device but it is also a two-dimensional one.

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At Work With: Danielle Pender, Riposte

The smartly-titled Riposte magazine was launched by editor Danielle Pender and creative director Shaz Madani in 2013 as an alternative to mainstream women’s magazines.

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Logodesign professionell: 50 starke Entwürfe und Making-ofs

Logodesign ist eine Kunst, die man als Gestalter mit diversifizierter Kundenstruktur nicht alle Tage zur Anwendung bringen muss.

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Concrete visitor centre by Iseppi/Kurath looms over an Alpine gorge

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Letterpress workshop at P98a

As just announced by Gestalten Verlag, we’ll have our first workshop on July 25 and 26, friday and saturday, 10:00 – 18:00 (that’s 10am until 6pm for the metrically challenged).

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Train Derailment Dumps Two 737 Fuselages Into Clark Fork River

McGruber (1417641) writes "Boeing builds its 737 airplane fuselages in a Wichita, Kansas factory.

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Apple Hires Away TAG Heuer's VP of Global Sales

An anonymous reader writes With Apple rumored to be entering the wearables market this Fall, the company's string of notable hires continues.

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Lessig's Mayday PAC Scrambling To Cross Crowd Funding Finish Line

First time accepted submitter SingleEntendre (1273012) writes "Time is running out for the Mayday PAC to reach its latest crowd funding goal of $5M. The total currently stands at $4.5M.

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Fantastic Art And Where To Find Them Friday: The Technicolor Illustrations of Estela Cuadro

Artist creates a fantastic world of prismatic characters through her illustrations.

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A Generic HTML5 Template

Boilerplate markup (a blank HTML document template) for HTML5-capable web pages.

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Waving from the Alps!

(turn up the volume to hear the cowbell) Pardon the lack of posts here, but this family is enjoying two weeks off in the Swiss alps. You can catch a glimpse of our trip over on Instagram.

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WordPress: So vermeiden Sie die 20 häufigsten Fehler

Nichts im Leben scheint leichter, als Fehler zu machen. Besonders gilt dies im Umgang mit einem Content-Management-System wie WordPress.

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The Next Big Thing You Missed: Big Business Is Surveilling Itself With Swarms of Drones

At an open-pit mine, blowing stuff up is just part of the daily grind. But that doesn’t mean the danger disappears.

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Vine’s New Loop Counts Are Designed to Get Inside Your Head

Vine added loop counts today---a metric that shows you how many times a video has been played.

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WIRED Space Photo of the Day

[HTML1]Every day, we find another awesome photo of space for you. Open the gallery in full-screen for higher resolution and descriptions.

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The Editors: The New Design Observer

Welcome to the New Design Observer.

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Véronique Vienne: Two Monumental Shows in Paris: One Large, One Small

There are two shows you shouldn&rsquo;t miss if you happen to be in Paris this summer.

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Debbie Millman: Gary Hustwit

Gary Hustwit is an independent filmmaker who has produced six feature documentaries, including Helvetica.

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Zig-zagging balconies create sculptural facade for Ragnitzstrasse 36 apartment block

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Adam Harrison Levy: Jeff Koons's Studio: An ER Room for Art

Walking into Jeff Koons&rsquo;s studio is like entering a medical laboratory crossed with an open plan office.&nbsp;It&rsquo;s an ER room for art.