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Theresa May Reshuffles Cabinet, Warns Amazon and Google of Power Shift

An anonymous reader writes from a report via Ars Technica: British Prime Minister Theresa May has given a stern warning to big business, telling the public to "think not of the powerful, but you." Spe


How to Create an Xcode Source Editor Extension

Final product imageWhat You'll Be CreatingIntroduction


Introduction to Google DFP: Optimizing Revenue

Final product imageWhat You'll Be CreatingOptimizing Your Google Advertising Revenue

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Hand Painted Found Items

Loving this series of handpainted found items by Dirty Bandit. Long live puns!


Building a Welcome Page for Your WordPress Product: Introduction

Right after you update WordPress, you are redirected to view a welcome page. This welcome page helps you better understand the new features and bug fixes in the current update.

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EFF Delivers 210,000 Signatures Opposing Trans-Pacific Partnership

An anonymous Slashdot reader writes:
"The TPP is simply bad for tech users and innovators," writes the Electronic Frontier Foundation, arguing the proposed trade agreement for the Pacific Rim "export

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TBD uses contrasting materials to define his-and-hers art studio in the Hamptons


What to Expect From Swift 3

You probably know that Swift 3 is coming later this year. It is the first release that incorporates the hard work of a fantastic community.


Securing ASP.NET Web API

Once you have your Web API developed, before exposing it to your clients, based upon your needs you may need to secure some or all parts of your API Service so that only verified users can access y


Rake 101

This article explains the basics of Rake. It’s a super popular build tool that is written in Ruby. It offers a lot of flexibility and is used to manage all kinds of tasks.


Quick Tip: What Is a Metaclass in Python?

This quick tip gives a brief overview of what we mean by a metaclass in Python and shows some examples of the concept.

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Shut | Sit

It took me a moment, but the Shut up and sit down poster by Playtype made me laugh.

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The Internet Doesn’t Forget

Carolyn Sewell said it. Chris Piascik illustrated it. And I am trying to teach it to my kids.

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Entire Federal Government Exempt From Robocall Laws, FCC Rules

An anonymous reader writes from a report via The Hill: Late Tuesday night, the Federal Communications Commission ruled that the entire federal government is exempt from consumer protection laws that l

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Good Finds: Escapes from New York City

Good Finds/NYC is a curation of super chill vacation rentals a few hours outside of NYC, updated regularly. You’ll only find good design and tasteful interiors here. SO GOOD!

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The Seven Deadly Sins of User Experience Design

Are you doing all you can to create a great experience, or are you just paying lip service to it? In this post, I share with you the seven deadly sins of user experience design.

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Staying Human in the Machine Age

“Instead of looking at technologies programmed to enable human beings to better navigate the world I see technologies optimized to help corporations better navigate and manipulate human behavior

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This art installation

This art installation made me look. I wouldn’t mind doing this in my apartment, painting half way and over my art.

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Names For Things You Didn’t Know Had Names

In this MentalFloss video you learn names for 48 things you might have not known had names. I just learned that a Semordnilap is a word that reads one way forward and another way back.

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Henry the Slug

How can you not fall in love with this slug?