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Ask Slashdot: Old PC File Transfer Problem

An anonymous reader writes I have an old Compaq Contura Aero laptop from the nineties (20 Mhz, 12 Mb RAM, Windows 3.11, 16-bit, PCMCIA, COM, LPT, floppy) with 160 Mb drive that I would want to copy in

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Xeroxed Gene May Have Paved the Way For Large Human Brain

sciencehabit writes Last week, researchers expanded the size of the mouse brain by giving rodents a piece of human DNA.

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Overmatter: 25.02.14

Human After All open up the Publishing Playbook, a guide built on a decade of indie magazine-making. Frieze art director Sonya Dyakova is the latest subject of It’s Nice That’s workwear series.

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Bonnie Siegler: Judgmental in Jackson

Set up? You might be surprised.


A Linux Developer's Setup

Have you ever tried to go with Linux on a consistent basis but found it hard to
get used to? Do you feel confused when having to choose a Linux distribution in
order to develop software?


Identifying People With Qualcomm's Snapdragon SDK

It wasn't that long ago that taking photos was fairly expensive. Cameras required film with limited capacity and seeing the results also required additional time and more money.

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27 Clever Illustrations of Inspirational Quotes on Minimalist Posters

Whether you’re a quote lover or a fan of minimalism, this series of poster illustrations …

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Product Design Unification Case Study: Mobile Web Framework


Magento SEO: Internationalization and Extensions

In this series, we have covered all of the useful steps and
techniques required to make your Magento installation SEO friendly.

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Making the Digital Business Case to Senior Management

One of the biggest challenges faced by digital professionals is their management. In this online discussion I discuss these challenges with Gerry McGovern.

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Massive Layoff Underway At IBM

Tekla Perry writes: Project Chrome, a massive layoff that IBM is pretending is not a massive layoff, is underway.

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Field Work

I went back to get this last week. About two or three weeks ago I saw it in the Oxfam bookshop, Instagrammed it but left it on the shelf. It haunted me so the next time I was in the...

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9 Color Combinations To Try This 2015

Finding the right color combination takes a lot of practice and hard work.

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Bad user interface design is death by a thousand cuts

Too often we excuse small usability issues by saying it is only a minor inconvenience. But small things add up.

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Friday Link Pack

How to win at rock-paper-scissors – Life Hacks Anyone Over 50 Should Know – The Executive Coloring Book – In case you wondered why the unicorns are extinct.

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Aesthetically Beautiful Illustrations by Sara Blake

In February of last year, Sara Blake was one of the speakers in the annual …

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Do people see you as a roadblock?

Saying it cannot be done is rarely true and causes conflict. Jettison your preconceptions and be open to any idea.

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Microsoft To Invest In Rogue Android Startup Cyanogen

An anonymous reader writes The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft plans to be a minority investor in a roughly $70 million round of equity financing for mobile startup Cyanogen Inc..

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Moooi co-founders buy remaining stake from B&B Italia

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Out now: Victory Journal #8

Due to Printout commitments – more of which later – I missed last night’s Chelsea-Liverpool semi-final match.