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TGD Magazine Issue 1: A Collection of Creative Insights from the World’s Top Creatives

We here at You The Designer are huge fans of The Great Discontent, an online …

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“Gut Churn”

In this 2013 99U talk, Radiolab creator and host Jad Abumrad describes “Gut Churn” as the radical uncertainty that’s a core part of any creative process that really pushes the envelope.

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36 Flat UI Photoshop Brushes

Hey Creatives! Last week we rolled out a terrific set of Water Splash Brushes for …

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Indian Space Agency Prototypes Its First Crew Capsule

First time accepted submitter sixsigma1978 writes "India is about to take one small step towards human space flight.

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Tor Is Building an Anonymous Instant Messenger

An anonymous reader writes in with news about a new anonymous instant messenger client on the way from Tor. "Forget the $16 billion romance between Facebook and WhatsApp.

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3D Maps Reveal a Lead-Laced Ocean

sciencehabit writes "About 1000 meters down in a remote part of the Atlantic Ocean sits an unusual legacy of humanity's love affair with the automobile.

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The lessons I learnt doubling my mailing list subscribers

Email mailing lists are a valuable marketing tool. However, getting users to signup, let alone open and click on emails can be incredibly challenging.

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Anonymity: Lessons learned building an anonymous social network

Some great thoughts regarding the history of Formspring and purposefully designing an anonymous experience. I love this bit:

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Reply To That Email Already

Adam J. Kurtz sent me this giant handwritten note in the mail. Can’t stop smiling.

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January in Japan

Scott Gold and his wife visited Japan this January and beautifully documented their trip. Wish I had memories like this of my recent travels. Also, Japan, you’re beautiful.

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♥ / Edward Tufte, Presenting Data and Information, 1-day course

A big thank you to Edward Tufte for sponsoring this week’s RSS Feed.

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The 10 most important things you are probably failing to do

For our organisations to truly embrace digital, everybody needs to understand what it can do for the business. You need to make that happen.

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Japanese Firm Proposes Microwave-Linked Solar Plant On the Moon

littlesparkvt writes "Harnessing the suns power is nothing new on Earth, but if a Japanese company has it's way it will build a solar strip across the 11,000 mile Lunar equator that could supply our w

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The Selfiexploratory dataviz project analyzes selfies around the world. (via Jonathan Harris)

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It Went Under our Radar: The New Tumblr Logo

It seems like Yahoo wanted logophiles, designers with OCD and fans alike to play some …

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Forming your digital team

This week on Boagworld Web Show we discuss the need for in-house digital teams and what roles they should include.

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Ubuntu 14.04 Brings Back Menus In Application Windows

sfcrazy writes "Canonical is bringing back menu integration with application windows. In 14.04 there will be an option for users to enable menus in application windows.

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Throwback: Six Classic Logos Which Came Back Into Style

One of the most crucial aspects of company branding is having a good logo.

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Printout – The Power of Print, March 24

After the success of the recent fashion special, the next Printout evening takes a turn in a different direction with a look at magazines seeking to change our view of the world.

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Are in-house digital teams a huge mistake?

Does your company need a strong digital team or is that just isolating digital in yet another company silo?

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Constructing Childhood

If you’re a parent, you most certainly will enjoy this CreativeMornings talk in which Raul Gutierrez speaks about the last 100 years of childhood through the lens of his family, how children see

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Out soon: Four & Sons volume 1

In a neat companion piece to the recently featured Cat People, here’s a new magazine revolving around dogs and their owners.

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Rob Walker: Security cameras are built to look at us. What do we see when we look back?

A thoughtful take on what security cameras should look like, and why.

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Warner Music Mines Shazam for Underground Hits

Warner will mine Shazam's database of song lookups to figure out what songs and artists are about to break out.

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Mun Jeong Heon house by A.M Architects is surrounded by a huge concrete frame

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Tutorial Tuesday – Draw a Penguin In An Easy Vector Tutorial!

Today, at YouTheDesigner – we’re teaching you how to make a very simple vector of …

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Why change management must change in the digital economy

Most companies can no longer manage the constant change coming at them. You have the skills to help, but are you willing to step up?

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11 Water Splash Photoshop Brushes

Hello creatives! Last week was a showcase of Valentines-themed freebies for your design needs.

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DARPA Training Cadets and Midshipmen As Cyber Warriors

An anonymous reader writes "DARPA officials say the Defense Department must train 4,000 cybersecurity experts by 2017.

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Featured Artist: The Gorgeous Artwork of Sarah Webb

Sarah Webb, who’s known as Reluin on DeviantArt and Erysium on Tumblr, is a 19 … <

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A Dreamer’s Childhood

From Idaho to Haiti, Justin Lyon of Yo Gabba Gabba! speaks on building self-esteem, celebrating the weird, and Biz Markie while speaking at CreativeMornings/Los Angeles.

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Five effective techniques for encouraging website investment

As web professionals we know that websites require ongoing investment in order to keep them operating at peak efficiency. However, convincing clients of that can be challenging.

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8 Ways to Add a Responsive Navigation Menu on Your Site

Some open source projects that will help you create responsive navigation menus quickly.

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At Work With: Tom Taylor, the Newspaper Club

We start this week with Tom Taylor, co-founder of and technical brains behind The Newspaper Club.

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I left my heart in San Francisco

Video by Marc Donahue. I’ll be leaving for Berlin at the end of February. Back soon. “I Left My Heart” SF Timelapse Project from Marc Donahue on Vimeo.