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US Voting Machines Cracked In 90 Minutes At DEFCON

An anonymous reader quotes The Hill:
Hackers at at a competition in Las Vegas were able to successfully breach the software of U.S.

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Apple Pulls Anti-Censorship Apps from China's App Store

An anonymous reader quotes Fortune:Services helping Chinese users circumvent the "Great Firewall of China" have been pulled from Apple's Chinese App Store en masse.


Introduction to Android Architecture Components

Android was introduced to the world back in 2005, and during those 12 years of existence the platform has achieved amazing success, becoming the most-installed mobile OS.

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Playful Architecture Photography

These playful architecture photos put the biggest smile on my face.


Getting Started With Matter.js: The Composites and Composite Modules

In the third tutorial of the series, you learned about different methods and properties of

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How To Protect Your Users With The Privacy By Design Framework

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AT&T Loses Record Number of Traditional TV Subscribers In Q2, Drops 156,000 DirecTV Satellite Customers

According to Variety, AT&T's pay-TV business has lost a record 351,000 traditional video customers in the second quarter, with the internet-delivered DirecTV Now service failing to fully offset th

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Studio Schicketanz creates California home with glass and textured stone walls

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Friday Link Pack

Morning. RT @lad: This is the best video ever pic.twitter.com/7EBZwmm9Hw — Jojo Moyes (@jojomoyes) July 22, 2017 – This Twitter account is priceless.

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Swedish Rail Firm Approves Trainy McTrainface As Name Following Online Poll

Those disappointed when Britain rejected the name Boaty McBoatface for a polar research ship should find joy in the name of a new train in Sweden.

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Google To Replace SMS Codes With Mobile Prompts in 2-Step-Verification Procedure

Starting next week Google will overhaul its two-step verification (2SV) procedure and replace one-time codes sent via SMS with prompts shown on the user's smartphone.


Working With the File System in Elixir

Working with the file system in Elixir does not really differ from doing so using other popular programming languages. There are three modules to solve this task: IO, File, and Path.


How to Add CAPTCHAs to Android Apps

If you are developing an Android application that needs to interact with your back-end server, it is important that you take steps to defend it against bots—automated scripts that try to pass for

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Yours Truly on the Clever Podcast

Jaime Derringer (of DesignMilk) and Amy Devers, the charming forces behind the Clever Podcast interviewed me a few weeks ago and the episode just went live.


Get Started With the WPCOM.js WordPress API

The new WPCOM.js library lets you harness the power of WordPress to build a free and easy-to-update back-end for your web or mobile apps.


15 Best iOS App Templates of 2017

Building an app used to be the domain of hardcore developers
only, but with over 1,400 app templates for sale at CodeCanyon,


Should You Use a PHP Framework? Five Pros and Cons

From routing HTTP requests to accessing the database and rendering the user interface, most web applications have a lot in common with each other.

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How to create a pattern library and why you should bother

Ensuring a website is consistent and easy to maintain are two of the biggest headaches faced by larger organisations. Fortunately, a pattern library can help.

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World's Cheapest Energy Source Will Be Renewables Within Three Years

Morgan Stanley researchers predict renewable energy will become the world's cheapest form of power within three years.


10 Best iOS Game Templates

Have a great idea for an iOS game but are turned off by the
hours of tedious work involved in bringing your concept to life? Well, that’s
what templates are for.


CodeIgniter Form Validation: From Start to Finish

As a web application developer, form validation is a crucial part of your work, and it should not be underrated as it could lead to security flaws in your application.

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That Wholesome Feeling…

That wholesome feeling when you think you are contributing but you really have no idea what you are doing. pic.twitter.com/80JzQKrdkH — Stuart Rutherford (@doodlewhale) July 4, 2017