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"Supertaskers" Can Safely Use Mobile Phones While Driving

nk497 writes "While most of us are dangerous when texting, chatting on a phone or being otherwise distracted while driving, one in 40 are actually just fine with such distractions.

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NASA Mars Satellite Snaps 1st Public-Picked Photos

coondoggie writes "NASA today said it took eight high-resolution photos of Mars that were chosen through a public suggestion box the space agency put up in January.

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Yale Delays Move To Gmail

Mortimer.CA writes "The Yale Daily News is reporting that the move to Gmail has been postponed.

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Graph-View of Collaborative Development At GitHub

VindictivePantz writes "In an interesting graphical view on collaborative development, FlowingData writes: 'GitHub is a large community where coders can collaborate on software development projects.

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House of Commons Finds No Evidence of Tampering In Climate E-mails

dwguenther writes "The first of several British investigations into the e-mails leaked from one of the world's leading climate research centers has largely vindicated the scientists involved.

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New Method Could Hide Malware In PDFs, No Further Exploits Needed

Trailrunner7 writes "A security researcher has managed to create a proof-of-concept PDF file that executes an embedded executable without exploiting any other security vulnerabilities.

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IsoHunt Told To Pull Torrent Files Offline

suraj.sun writes with this excerpt from Ars Technica: "The founder of popular Bit Torrent site IsoHunt, Gary Fung, has been ordered to remove the .torrent files for all infringing content — an o

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Stand and Deliver Teacher Jaime Escalante Dies

DesScorp writes "Jaime Escalante, the math teacher portrayed in the hit '80s movie Stand and Deliver, has died of cancer at age 79.

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Councilman Booted For His Farmville Obsession

Bulgarian Dimitar Kerin won't have to decide if he should tend his crops or pay attention to Plovdiv City Council business anymore.

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MIT Finds 'Grand Unified Theory of AI'

aftab14 writes "'What's brilliant about this (approach) is that it allows you to build a cognitive model in a much more straightforward and transparent way than you could do before,' says Nick Chater,

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Facebook Kills Dataset of Crawled Public Profiles

holy_calamity writes "Internet entrepreneur Pete Warden wrote a crawler that collated the public profiles of 210 million Facebook profiles and was set to release an anonymised version to researchers.

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Lawmakers Ask For FTC Investigation of Google Buzz

angry tapir writes "Eleven US lawmakers have asked the FTC to investigate Google's launch of its Buzz social-networking product for breaches of consumer privacy.

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Dropping Out as a Disciplined Choice

Do you find yourself un-friending Facebook and opting out of LinkedIn? In his second Salinger–inspired post, Caplan defends the right to remain private.

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Primary school by Carlos Pereda Iglesias and Óscar Pérez Silanes

Spanish architects Carlos Pereda Iglesias and Óscar Pérez Silanes have competed a glass and red brick primary school in Pamplona, Spain.

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Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec by OMA

Dutch architects Office for Metropolitan Architecture have won a competition to design an extension to the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec in Canada.

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Piglet No. 2

Piglet No. 2 by Sharon Montrose over at 20×200.

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iPhone Desk Phone

Phone Dock Transforms The iPhone Into A Desk Phone. Brilliant!
(thank you Kevin)

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Ultimate Collection of Free Adobe Photoshop Floral Brushes

Looking to create some spring designs with floral patterns? We got you covered with the Ultimate Collection of Free Adobe Photoshop Floral Brushes.

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Dezeen’s top ten: rugs and blankets

We’ve got all warm and cosy for this month’s top ten, which is all about rugs and blankets.

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Keep Calm and Snap On

The Keep Calm and Snap On Print: An inspirational poster reminding you that it’s all about the click of a shutter.

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TUKLUK is a kid’s play object based on the shape of a triangle. Integrated magnets hold the elements together. Designed by Benedikt Kirsch+ Katharina Schildgen. Makes me want to be a kiddo.

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Me-ltiplicity: Engaging Fluid Digital Identities

Anca Micheti | Critical Mass Calgary
Cultural theorists, from Michael Foucault to Judith Butler, have said it a long time ago:  identity is not fixed and determined by demographics, but fluid a

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Bulky Waste Gone Product

Nora and Christoph of Learningfrom.de created a range of fascinating objects all made with things found on the streets of Mainz, Austria Germany. (oh that site is annoying to navigate)

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Design Currency: Icograda Design Week In Vancouver

Pretty mesmerizing video for the Icograda Design Week in Vancouver:

(thank you @markbusse)

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Water by Numbers

The ChopShop has teamed up with WellDone to provide clean water to those throughout the developing world who need it most – one awesome t-shirt at a time.

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Zeldman and Ethan Marcotte on the future of the web

Jeffrey Zeldman and Ethan Marcotte talk about the third edition of Designing with Web Standards as well as discuss the future of the web.

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ArcelorMittal Orbit by Anish Kapoor

Artist Anish Kapoor has won a commission to design a 115m high public artwork at Olympic Park in London, to be built as part of London’s Olympic Games in 2012.

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Garrote by Sruli Recht

Fashion designer Sruli Recht of Iceland has sent us his movie Garrote, which features a necklace from his latest collection apparently used to strangle a woman.

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Delighted to see that the 111 Years of Graphic Design from GF Smith exhibition is coming to University of Ulster.

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Memory by Tokujin Yoshioka for Moroso

Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka will launch a crumpled aluminium chair for Italian brand Moroso in Milan next month.

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UK Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 by Thomas Heatherwick

Thomas Heatherwick’s UK Pavilion is nearing completion for the Shanghai Expo 2010, which opens in May.

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Plot Watch: Spawn

Good to see an enthusiastic return to work from our bug munching friends.

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Pleats by USIN-e

Lyon designers USIN-e have designed a series of furniture made of wooden batons joined by folded metal parts.

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FontShuffle 1.2 kommt [Update]

Seit Sonntagabend ist die neue Version 1.2 des von FontShop herausgegebenen iPhone-Programms FontShuffle bei Apple »under review«, so dass in den nächsten Tagen mit der Freigabe zu rechnen ist

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Zanders ZETA ‘Creative Surfaces’ campaign 2009
Design Roundel
Digital Images Andreas Schmelas
Photography Jason Tozer
“As part of a campaign to raise awareness of ZETA’s paper

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Delphic Halcyon 7″ single
Design Non-Format
Photography Jake Walters
“Give me something I can believe in.

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re-shape invent

London Museums Hub Toolkit
Design re-shape invent
Unfortunately this post is a bit sparse on the information considering how sharp this piece of work is.

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Triboro’s One-Color Subway Map

Brooklyn based designers David Heasty and Stefanie Weigler (triboro) have produced a new New York City subway map printed in a single color–florescent red.

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Hydraulics Could Enable Fullscreen Braille Display

A new Braille display could allow visually challenged users to read a full page at a time, instead of the one line that they are limited to with current systems.

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Fiat Lux by Label Architecture

Brussels studio Label Architecture have transformed the interior of a family house in Brussels, Belgium, by covering some walls in rough, black-stained oriented strand board and painting others white

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Blowback: Aliens Up the Ante as 'V' Returns

The sci-fi show about seemingly friendly extraterrestrials returns to ABC Tuesday night following Lost.

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Amsterdam (beginning of an avalanche)

After the distraction of the redesign, let’s get back to some magazines.

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Napkins are so passé

This is the ‘iPad’ that I will be ordering asap: PixelPad (holding off on the other one, but lusting over it, yes) It will look sooo good on our coffee table. Ha!
(thank you Jonquils)

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Dear Adobe,

ILoveTypography has a message for Adobe:
Dear Adobe, Please give PhotoShop a GLYPHS Palette.

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39 Examples of Minimalist Web Designs

In today’s inspiration post, we bring you a collection of 40 Examples of Minimalist Web Designs.

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Jason Fried: Why You Can’t Work at Work

(via clusterflock)

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Haute Bamboo by Bo Reudler and Olav Bruin

Amsterdam designer Bo Reudler and architect Olav Bruin will present a collection of furniture made of bamboo stalks in Milan next month.

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Honest Interfaces

“To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful.”—Edward R. Murrow
(via Honest Interfaces)

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88 Illustrations from REWORK

All 88 Illustrations from Rework, the new business book from 37signals, now assembled in a Flickr Set. (Smart move, 37Signals!)
The above illustrations are all by Mike Rohde.

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The Office copier turns 50

The copier may be the most iconic piece of office equipment of the past half-century. Fortune magazine called it “the most successful product ever marketed in America”: The #@*!#*!

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Gloriette by the Campana Brothers for Veuve Clicquot

Dezeen movie: for our latest movie, we travelled to São Paulo in Brazil to interview Humberto and Fernando Campana (above) about Gloriette, a pavilion they have designed for Champagne marque Veuve C

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Lou Dorfsman and the CBS wall: gastrotypographicalassemblage

Support the Preservation of America's Design Legacy.
Without private financial donations this significant piece of
American Design History will be lost.
To Help Restore the

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Fincube by Studio Aisslinger

Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger of Studio Aisslinger has completed a small mountainside mobile living unit in Ritten, Italy.