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The lovely folks of PAWLING print studio sent me a set of their adorable onesies which have quickly become our favorites at casa swissmiss. They are on heavy rotation on the little man.

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My friend Douglas Levere pointed me to one of his new projects called PrintCollection.com.
Print Collection publishes new images each day. Fall in love with one?

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Electronic Calculator XS by plusminuszero

More from plusminuszero: the Japanese design company also launched this credit card-sized calculator in Milan last month.

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Get a Sneak Peek at New @Carsonified App Launching Soon http://bit.ly/dl8K44 #tv

Get a Sneak Peek at New @Carsonified App Launching Soon http://bit.ly/dl8K44

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ZFW watch by plusminuszero

In Milan last month Japanese brand plusminuszero launched a watch where the strap slots through the back of the case.

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Now that’s a stylish diaper bag. Hello there, Charlie. It’s by a new brand called Timi & Leslie.

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Hyperactivitypography from A to Z is an activity book for typographers
illustrated in a nostalgic vintage style to give it a sweet and childlike look.
The book is packed with activities, ranging from

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Unhidden by Leon Li and Ryan Ran

Design students Leon Li and Ryan Ran have designed a range of wooden office furniture incorporating tree branches.

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The devil is in the detail

Dan Rubin joins Paul and Marcus on the 200th episode of Boagworld to discuss the importance of giving attention to details.

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House in Atagoyama a.un architects

Japanese studio a.un architects have completed a house clad inside and out in wood, located in Mie, Japan.

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Voices That Matter: Web Design Conference – Win a Free Pass

New Riders' Voices That Matter: Web Design Conference, now in its fourth consecutive year, will take place June 28-29, 2010 in San Francisco, CA.

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Neu: Best-Advertising-Jahrbuch zum Best Price

Das Thema Werbung beschäftigt nicht nur Experten, sondern auch das breite Publikum.

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Dezeenjobs: latest jobs update

Lots of new jobs on our recruitment site Dezeenjobs this week, including positions with Vitra in Switzerland, UXUS in the Netherlands and MAD in China.

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Constantin Boym appointed at Virginia Commonwealth University

Dezeenwire: designer Constantin Boym of Boym Partners has been appointed as director of graduate studies at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar.

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Waterscapes Photography: 40 beeindruckende Wasserwelten

-->Wasser übt von jeher große Faszination auf Menschen aus. Kein Wunder, dass Wasserwelten mit zu den beliebtesten Fotomotiven gehören.

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Class JS – Basic class structure in under a kilobyte of code

Javascript freak? Do you need setters, getters, constructors and class extending capabilities? Class JS provides a basic class structure in under a kilobyte of code.

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Today, 05.08.10

Each morning, before starting work, I spend 30 minutes looking for images that are beautiful, funny, absurd and inspiring. Here's TODAY.

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Great Journeys

Saturday, up the road and round the corner to the charity bookshop: Noah got a couple of Doctor Who novels (50p). Seth got a Thunderbirds annual and Fat Cat (50p).

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Edgar Street Towers by IwamotoScott

San Francisco architects IwamotoScott have completed a design study for a tower (above, right) straddling a street in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

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Jetzt im App-Store: TYPO Berlin

Die kostenlose TYPO-Konferenz-Applikation für iPhone und iPod Touch zeigt das komplette Programm der 3 Bühnen (deutsch/englisch), Sprecherfotos und -biografien, bündelt die News rund u

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Five Things IE9 is (Actually) Doing Right

IE9, by the way it's looking, is a vast improvement to the browsers Microsoft has been putting out as of late. Here is a handful of things that Microsoft is finally doing right with their browser.

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CreativeMornings Video: Oliver Jeffers

Our speaker at the April 2010 CreativeMornings was Oliver Jeffers generously hosted by Harper Collins

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Borderline by A+A cooren

Paris design studio A+A cooren have designed a collection of lights held together with velcro.

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Scaffold Lights by Lanzavecchia + Wai

Milan 2010: Italian-Singaporean studio Lanzavecchia + Wai presented a collection of lights made of fabric stretched over steel wire frames in the Ventura Lambrate district of Milan last month.

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iPad in Europa bald billiger als in USA [Update 2]

Auch ich habe gestern Abend erst mal aufgezuckt, als ich die deutschen Preise für das iPad erfuhr. Dann griff ich zum Taschenrechner.

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Wabi-Sabi by Decolieu

Russian design studio Decolieu have completed the renovation of an apartment in Moscow by adding a low curved ceiling made of lime and wax.

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Google Attorney Slams ACTA Copyright Treaty

Hugh Pickens writes "CNET reports that Daphne Keller, a senior policy counsel at Google, says ACTA has 'metastasized' from a proposal to address border security and counterfeit goods to an sweeping in

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9/11 Made Us Safer, Says Bruce Schneier

richi writes "Security guru and BT CTO Bruce Schneier discusses terrorist attacks.

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Cassandra and Voldemort Benchmarked

kreide33 writes "Key/Value storage systems are gaining in popularity, much because of features such as easy scalability and automatic replication.

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iPhone App Helps To Cure Vertigo

vleky writes "This is thinking outside the box ... or head. Dr.

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Games Workshop Sues Warhammer Online Fansite

chalkyj writes "WarhammerAlliance.com (run for the last five years as one of the leading fansites for the MMORPG Warhammer Online) is being sued by Games Workshop for the use of the 'Warhammer' name,

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Google Resolves Gmail Name Dispute In UK

united_notions writes "Slashdot has previously reported the legal challenges over the Gmail brand in Europe.

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Crackdown On Counterfeit Networking Gear

angry tapir writes "US agencies targeting the sale of counterfeit networking hardware have gotten 30 felony convictions, including a man attempting to sell fake networking equipment to the US Marine C

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Nintendo To Take On Piracy In 3-D

crimeandpunishment writes "Nintendo says when its new handheld game device with 3-D technology comes out, it will have beefed-up anti-piracy measures.

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First Superbugs, Now Superweeds

Finxray writes "Years of heavy use of the broad spectrum herbicide Roundup has led to the rapid growth of superweeds.

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USPTO Plans Could Kill Small Business Innovation

bizwriter writes "If protecting inventions is at the heart of high tech competitiveness, plans underfoot at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will critically wound small companies.

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House Calls For Hearing On Stock Market "Glitch"

Lucas123 writes "The House Financial Services securities subcommittee plans to hold a hearing next Tuesday to examine what caused the US stock market to plunge almost 1,000 points in a half hour Thurs

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When Internet Radios Get Affordable

DeviceGuru writes "Grace Digital Audio has just released a new device that functions like an Internet radio tuner in a whole-house audio system and is being sold at a surprisingly affordable pricepoin

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1 Molecule Computes 1000s of Times Faster Than a PC

alexhiggins732 writes with this tantalizing PopSci snippet: "A demo of a quantum calculation carried out by Japanese researchers has yielded some pretty mind-blowing results: a single molecule can per

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iPad Isn't "Killing" Netbook Sales, According to Paul Thurrott

mantis2009 writes "Paul Thurrott, the prolific technology analyst and Windows expert, reacts strongly to an article highlighted on Slashdot.

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Is the 4th Yellow Pixel of Sharp Quattron Hype?

Nom du Keyboard writes "Sharp Aquos brand televisions are making a big deal about their Quattron technology of adding a 4th yellow pixel to their RGB sets.

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Basics Product Design: Visual Conversations

 Visual ConversationsBasics Product Design: Visual Co

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Speaker/ Overhead Light Combo Is a Brilliant Idea

Lights that spew sound and photons?

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Penn State Football Pumps Up the Volume

In football, you can't run a play if no one can hear the quarterback.

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Rolex Learning Centre by SANAA

Photographer Julien Lanoo has sent us his series of the Rolex Learning Centre in Switzerland, designed by Japanese architects SANAA.

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Facebook's Gone Rogue; It's Time for an Open Alternative

Facebook's latest moves shows the company cares more about dominating the web than treating its users respectfully.

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iPads and Family Life

Interesting read: What iPads Did To My Family, by Chuck Hollis
(thank you kevin)

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Join our coworking space, rent a desk!

Two of our wonderful studio mates are leaving us. One of them needs more space and the other is moving across the Atlantic!

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210. Blue Smurf

This week on Boagworld: Apple make their stance on Flash clear, Francisco Tolmask talks about the work he’s doing with Atlas and we review Flowplayer.

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»Design oder Nichtsein«, das Quiz für Grafikdesigner

Bis gestern war Heiner Twenhäfel ein treuer aber stiller Fontblog-Leser.

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HOW TO Start a Social Movement

Jeana Anderson | Critical Mass Chicago
Going viral: For the purposes of this blog post, I’m going to define that as an idea, phrase or a piece of rich media being replicated and shared, spreadi

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Live Your Dream Bib

If this bib doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what does. (Com’on Tilo (swissmister), don’t let anything stop you, you’re only 3months but hey, Live your dream!)

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Hydrogenase by Vincent Callebaut

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has designed a conceptual transport system that would involve airships powered by seaweed.

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So geht professionelles Design …

… in Marzahn-Hellersdorf!

Gestern Abend war ich auf dem Berliner Typo-Stammtisch.

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Voices That Matter: Conference 2010

New Riders’ Voices That Matter: Web Design Conference, now in its fourth consecutive year, will take place June 28-29 in San Francisco and the timing couldn’t be better!

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Reversed Volumes by Mischer’Traxler

Milan 2010: Viennese designers Mischer’Traxler presented a collection of bowls cast from vegetables in Milan last month.

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Excellent Examples of Using Photos in Web Design

Using photos as a design element and central piece in a web design is a great way to get a point across to the viewers or to just add more depth into the design.