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5 ‘New’ Skills that Every Web Designer Needs to Know

What does it mean to be a web designer? The chances are its a lot more than you think. As the web becomes increasingly complex so do our clients demands.

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Officially announcing Think Vitamin Membership today! http://bit.ly/951IOd #tv

Officially announcing Think Vitamin Membership today!

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Negative Space in Webpage Layouts: A Guide

Negative space is often misunderstood as a tool to implement in certain designs that call for a simple aesthetic.
However, it is in fact something you should pay attention to and carefully structure

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Grey Derivations by Maarten Baas for Mitterrand + Cramer

A new collection of furniture by Dutch designer Maarten Baas will on show at Mitterrand+Cramer gallery in Geneva, Switzerland, later this week.

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Just discovered this Megaphone. Not sure what I’d use it for but it would sure look good in our studio. Maybe we could use it to talk to the folks on the boats floating by our studio window?

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14% by Laura Strasser

Gesa Hansen, the charming designer behind this beauty of a desk visited swismiss studio yesterday.

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San Juan de Dios Apartments by Duarte Arquitectos

Chilean studio Duarte Arquitectos have designed an apartment building for a hill-top in Valparaiso, Chile.

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5 Up & Coming Mobile Technologies

Katie Bogda & Jim Kim | Critical Mass Chicago
In attending the recent Mobile University event in Chicago (produced by the Heartland Mobile Council), one idea kept banging at the door of my b

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Boa Hairdressers Salon by Claudia Meier

Zurich designer Claudia Meier has completed a hairy hair salon in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Glass Skin by Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk

Eindhoven designers Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk presented glassware produced in collaboration with the glass-makers of Murano in Venice at Sotheby’s auction house in London last week.

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✪ Historische Alphaspiele für 29,00 15,00 €

Unser Stern dieser Woche: Die längst verschollen geglaubten Geduldspiele Alpha Corde und Alpha Pixel aus der legendären ShopShop-Geschenkserie von 1993,

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Stell die vor es ist TYPO …

… und alle gehen nach New York.

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HTML 5 und Flash - Koexistenz, statt Krieg

-->Angesichts der teils lautstarken Auseinandersetzungen in der Web Community über HTML 5 versus Flash, konnte ich es mir als Web-Veteran mit gut zehnjähriger Praxis in Webdesign und Flash-Entwi

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Tattoo Meter

Tattoo Meter by Eduardo Alessi. Made me look. (And no, I’d personally never get a tattoo myself!)

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Self-Fab House

Architect Beth Weinstein reviews Self-Fab House, a compilation of the results of a competition sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. 

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The Maddening, Rewarding World of Design People

Most design people I know — don’t feel guilt over knowing what is priceless and what is junk. The film Please Give also thinks they know what it is worth.

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Lena Goldsteiner came up with a beehive for your balcony, backyard or rooftop garden. Who said that living in the city means you can’t keep bees?

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Gallery: Polaroid Archives Provide a Snapshot of History

A museum in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is showing off 70 years of Polaroid camera history from the company's official archives.

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Intel-Vice Creators Project: Sellout or Boost?

Processing giant Intel and cultural juggernaut Vice team up to launch The Creators Project, with the goal of creating new forums for cultural expression.

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Batemans Row by Theis and Khan Architects

London studio Theis and Khan Architects have completed their own home and studio in east London.

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Canon's Latest Rebel Has a Cause

Canon beefs up its entry-level Rebel, the T2i, with more megapixels, better noise reduction, a better LCD and -- most importantly -- improved support for a variety of flavors of HD video recording.

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A Gadget Romance: Alphasmart Keyboard Meets iPad

A clever modder hooked up his old Alphasmart keyboard to an iPad.

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Where They At

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Inntel hotel by WAM Architecten

Delft studio WAM Architecten have completed a hotel that looks like a pile of houses in Zaandam, the Netherlands.

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Bryan Nash Gill : Hemlock 82 Relief Print

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Word of Mouth Marketing

Guest post by ChoiceVendor
Graphic Designers: Grow your Business with Word of Mouth Marketing. Referrals have always been a great way for graphic designers to gain new customers.

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Great post explaining how to embed video so that it's viewable on any device: http://j.mp/XMNd5 (thx @brucel) #fowd #tv

Great post explaining how to embed video so that it's viewable on any device: http://j.mp/XMNd5 (thx @brucel)

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Alter Ego by Studio Job

Artists Studio Job of Belgium have installed pieces from their iconic collections in the rooms of a Belgian stately home.

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Where cursors come from

Where Cursors Come From made me smile. I am so glad I finally have a good explanation for little Ella Joy.
(via fab bblinks)

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iPhonekiller by Ronen Kadushin

Designer Ronen Kadushin has designed an open-source mallet for smashing up iPhones.

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Footballers fly their flags

June’s Vanity Fair has an Annie Leibovitz portfolio of international football stars in their Y-fronts. Will there be a more bizarre World Cup story published this summer?

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New bus for London by Thomas Heatherwick

British designer Thomas Heatherwick has co-designed the replacement for London’s iconic Routemaster bus, mayor Boris Johnson announced this morning.

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Daylight Entrance by Daniel Rybakken

Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken has installed LED panels replicating daylight on a dark staircase in Stockholm.

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Dezeenjobs: latest jobs update

Lots of new jobs on our recruitment site Dezeenjobs this week, including positions with Fuseproject in San Fransisco, Pro Materia in Brussels and Steven Holl Architects in Beijing.

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ADC 2010: die Gewinner, Jahrbuch

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Trends & Tipps: Drupal-Dev-Days München

-->303 Teilnehmer, 53 Sessions in deutsch oder englisch, 16 Sponsoren und jede Menge Spaß, Leidenschaft und Know-how. Das waren - kurz zusammengefasst - die Drupal-Dev-Days, die vom 8.

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Infinity Chapel by hanrahanMeyers

New York studio hanrahanMeyers have completed the interior of a chapel in New York with curved walls.

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Magazine of the week: Kasino Creative Annual

Here’s something I’ve been looking forward to, and it doesn’t disappoint.

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Chicken Watch #27: Blur

Day 662: Balmoral Show last week and Karen plus boys sought out some others, with macro switched on. Seth (4) says it's better that way. He's right.

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Story lamp by Skar+Vidal

Norwegian designers Vibeke Skar and Ida Noemi Vidal presented ceramic pendant lights with embossed surfaces in the Ventura Lambrate district of Milan last month.

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Quantum Entanglement and Photosynthesis

medcalf writes "Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Berkeley have experimentally shown that plants use quantum entanglement in photosynthesis.

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Palm App Catalog Glitch Locks Out WebOS Users

hazmat2k writes "Palm's App Catalog appears to have suffered a meltdown of sorts, with users of Palm Pre, Pixi, Pre Plus and Pixi Plus handsets reporting that after having downloaded a new title &mdas

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Any Open Source Solutions For DIY Auto Diagnostics?

slaxx writes "As an avid tinkerer, I really want to collect as much data about my car as possible.

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Steve Jobs Says PC Folks' World Is Slipping Away

theodp writes "Provoked by an iPad ad promising a 'revolution,' Valleywag's Ryan Tate fired off a late-night missive to Steve Jobs.

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Your Computer Or iPad Could Be Disrupting Sleep

Crash McBang sends in a CNN report on electronics and sleeplessness and asks, "So, what do Slashdotters do to get a good night's rest?" "More than ever, consumer electronics — particularly lapto

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Trailer For Blender Open Movie Sintel Ready

l_i_g_h_s_p_e_e_d writes "The trailer for Sintel is ready.

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10-Year Cell Phone / Cancer Study Is Inconclusive

crimeandpunishment writes "A major international (retrospective) study into cell phones and cancer, which took 10 years and surveyed almost 13,000 people, is finally complete...

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LimeWire Likely To Shut Down Soon

suraj.sun quotes from a CNET story: "A federal court judge has likely dealt a death blow to LimeWire, one of the most popular and oldest file-sharing systems, according to legal experts.

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Google Android Interface For the Chevy Volt

jerryjamesstone writes "Earlier this month, General Motors hinted at a partnership with a major tech company to fully overhaul their telematics system, OnStar.

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Giant Plumes of Oil Forming Below the Gulf's Surface

An anonymous reader sends in a NY Times article about the spread of oil from the BP gusher in the Gulf of Mexico.

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CoD: Black Ops To Get Dedicated Game Servers

roh2cool writes "The seventh Call of Duty game is being planned, and it has been dubbed Call of Duty: Black Ops. This game will be developed by Treyarch instead of Infinity Ward.

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Asus Planning Netbook With Slot-In Mobile Phone

An anonymous reader writes "Taiwanese manufacturer Asus is planning a netbook with a slot-in mobile phone that will double as a 3G communications module, according to a distributor.

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AMD's Fusion CPU + GPU Will Ship This Year

mr_sifter writes "Intel might have beaten AMD to the punch with a CPU featuring a built-in GPU, but it relied on a relatively crude process of simply packaging two separate dies together.

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Judicial Nominations In the Internet Age

Hugh Pickens writes "Chris Good writes in the Atlantic that nominees to the Supreme Court and other high profile positions are required to provide the Judiciary Committee with everything they've ever

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Firefox With H.264 HTML 5 Support = Wild Fox

Elledan writes "Only two countries in the world have software patents which make it impossible to freely use video codecs such as AVC (H.264).

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Today, 05.15.10

Each morning, before starting work, I spend 30 minutes looking for images that are beautiful, funny, absurd and inspiring. Here's TODAY.

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Thank you

Thanks for all the orders for the magCulture.com/paper. The first mailing goes out tomorrow (Monday)  morning, so if you’re in the UK your copy should arrive later this week.