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Worth a read: "Single-Line vs Multi-Line CSS + TextMate tips" http://ntrn.cc/aVddmp (via @NeutronUK) #tv

Worth a read: "Single-Line vs Multi-Line CSS + TextMate tips" http://ntrn.cc/aVddmp (via @NeutronUK)

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All change

As you can see, the first stages in the promised development of the site have been launched.

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Popikonen (2): Fleetwood Mac: »Oh Well«

»Popikonen« im Fontblog: persönliche Erinnerungen an Popsongs, die musikalisch und oft auch visuell Maßstäbe setzten (angeregt durch Radio Eins’ »Bermudadreieck – Versunkene Son

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Hubble Builds 3D Dark Matter Map

astroengine writes "Dark matter can't be spotted directly because it doesn't interact with electromagnetic radiation (i.e. it doesn't emit any radiation and reflects no light).

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Battlefield Earth Screenwriter Accepts Razzie

An anonymous reader writes "The New York Post has a story about J.D. Shapiro, and his gracious acceptance of a Razzie award for writing Battlefield Earth.

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Do Car Safety Problems Come From Outer Space?

Hugh Pickens writes "As electronic devices are made to perform more and more functions on smaller circuit chips, the systems become more sensitive and vulnerable to corruption from single event upsets

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Best Way To Land Entry-Level Job?

chemicaldave writes "I'm graduating this May and have been seeking a programming position for months. It seems that the biggest hurdle to landing an interview is getting past the doorman that is HR.

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BBC Activates DRM For Its iPlayer Content

oik writes "The BBC has quietly added DRM to its iPlayer content. This breaks support for things like the XBMC plugin as well as other non-approved third-party players.

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The Technology Behind Formula 1 Racing

swandives writes "The Australian Grand Prix F1 event is being held in Melbourne this weekend (27-28 March) and Computerworld Australia has interviewed the technology teams for BMW Sauber, McLaren Raci

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The Economics of Perfect Software

An anonymous reader writes "This article takes the interesting perspective that leaving bugs in software is good — little ones, at least.

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Rapidshare Trying To Convert Pirates Into Customers

An anonymous reader writes with this excerpt from TorrentFreak:
"The file-hosting service Rapidshare is seeking major entertainment industry partners for an online store [to which links containing inf

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Why Some Devs Can't Wait For NoSQL To Die

theodp writes "Ted Dziuba can't wait for NoSQL to die. Developing your app for Google-sized scale, says Dziuba, is a waste of your time. Not to mention there is no way you will get it right.

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Are Consoles Holding Back PC Gaming?

An anonymous reader writes "Despite all the excitement over Nvidia's upcoming Fermi GPU, there is still a distinct lack of DirectX 11 games on the market.

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Microsoft Lost Search War By Ignoring the Long Tail

Art3x writes "When developing search engine technology, Microsoft focused on returning good results for popular queries but ignored the minor ones.

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Security Holes Found In "Smart" Meters

Hugh Pickens writes "In the US alone, more than 8 million smart meters, designed to help deliver electricity more efficiently and to measure power consumption in real time, have been deployed by elect

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Chinese Root Server Shut Down After DNS Problem

itwbennett writes "After a networking error first reported on Wednesday last week caused computers in Chile and the US to come under the control of a system that censors the Internet in China, the 'ro

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Newcastle Maker Faire 2010

krou writes "The BBC covered the most recent Newcastle Maker Faire, an event which Slashdot first covered last year.

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Slimming Down a Supercomputer

1sockchuck writes "Happy Feet animator Dr. D Studios has packed a large amount of supercomputing power into a smaller package in its new render farm in Sydney, Australia.

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House in Bizan by Shuichiro Yoshida

Japanese architect Schuichiro Yoshida have renovated the ground floor of a two-storey house in Tokushima, Japan, demolishing everything except the columns and foundations while leaving the upper floo

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Who is Bernard Voïta?

Martin from A Sound Awareness dropped me a line recently which made me go digging around his very interesting blog. And I stumbled across these images by Bernard Voïta.

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SANAA win Pritzker Prize

Dezeenwire: Japanese architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of SANAA have been chosen as the 2010 Laureates of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the prize’s website has announced.
Related st

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The Beginning of Product Mutation by Wannayos Boonperm

Kingston University graduate Wannayos Boonperm has made a series of objects by splicing together familiar household and office products, including this combined watering can and telephone (above).

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Breathtaking Examples of Long Exposure Photography

There are different styles of photography that can capture the beauty of life around us.

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Askur Picnic Basket by FærID

Designers FærID of Iceland exhibited a picnic set made of birch with a plaited leather strap at DesignMarch in Reykjavík last week.

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Today, 03.27.10

Each morning, before starting work, I spend 30 minutes looking for images that are beautiful, funny, absurd and inspiring. Here's TODAY.

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Ladder by Itay Laniado

Israeli designer Itay Laniado has designed a collapsible ladder held together by a strap under tension.

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Creative Review

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Winners of TemplateWire Web Templates

Announcement of the winners of the web templates from the TemplateWire giveaway.

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Johnson Chapel by Butler Rogers Baskett

New York office Butler Rogers Baskett Architects have been awarded an AIA New York 2010 Design Award for their renovation of a chapel at a New York school.

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Could Colorblindness Cure Be Morally Wrong?

destinyland writes "1 in 12 men suffers from colorblindness, though '[t]he good news here is that these folks are simply missing a patch of DNA ...

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SCO v. Novell Goes To the Jury

Excelcia writes "Closing arguments in the six and a bit year old slander of title case between SCO and Novell occurred today and the case is finally in the hands of the jury.

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Energy Star Program Certifies 15 Out of 20 Bogus Products

longacre writes "A Gasoline-Powered Alarm Clock was among 15 bogus products granted the coveted Energy Star seal of approval by the US Environmental Protection Agency during a secret evaluation conduc

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Nvidia Drops Support For Its Open Source Driver

An anonymous reader writes "While Nvidia is not open-source friendly (despite public outcries over the years), they have traditionally supported the xf86-video-nv driver to provide basic mode setting

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Innovators Shine At CTIA Wireless Conference

CWmike writes "The CTIA Wireless conference this week brought in larger crowds and more vendors than last year's event, but that probably isn't saying much, considering the recession had begun to hit

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US House Passes P2P Ban On Federal Networks

An anonymous reader writes "Recently, the US House of Representatives passed a bill in an attempt to ban peer-to-peer file-sharing applications on federal computers and networks.

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Cooling the Planet With a Bubble Bath

cremeglace writes "A Harvard University physicist has come up with a new way to cool parts of the planet: pump vast swarms of tiny bubbles into the sea to increase its reflectivity and lower water tem

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US and Russia Conclude Arms-Control Treaty

reporter writes "According to a report just published by the NY Times, Washington and the Kremlin have finalized an agreement on limiting nuclear weapons and related hardware.

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Beijing Sweetens Rubbish With Giant Deodorant Guns

An anonymous reader writes "Beijing plans to install 100 deodorant guns at a landfill site on the edge of the city in the hopes that it will dampen complaints about the capital's rubbish crisis.The gi

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Fixing Internet Censorship In Schools

jcatcw writes "Schools and libraries are hurting students by setting up heavy-handed Web filtering. The problem goes back for years.

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10% Tax On Custom Software, $100M Tax Cut For Microsoft

reifman writes "Last week, the Washington State House of Representatives passed a bill which would impose a 10% tax on custom software while all but eliminating a $100 million yearly tax obligation th

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New Malware Overwrites Software Updaters

itwbennett writes "Researchers at Bach Khoa Internetwork Security (BKIS), a Vietnamese security company, have found a new type of malware that 'masks itself as an updater for Adobe Systems' products a

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China's Great Firewall Infects Other Countries

angry tapir writes "A networking error has caused computers in Chile and the US to come under the control of the Great Firewall of China, redirecting Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube users to Chinese se

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Home-Built Turing Machine

stronghawk writes "The creator of the Nickel-O-Matic is back at it and has now built a Turing Machine from a Parallax Propeller chip-based controller, motors, a dry-erase marker and a non-infinite sup

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GameStop Sued Over Lack of DLC For Used Games

Absolut187 writes "According to IGN, 'A lawsuit filed earlier this week against retailer GameStop says the company is "deceptively misleading" its customers into believing a used game purchased from t

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AIGA membership elects new directors for national board

AIGA, the professional association for design, announced this week that five new individuals will assume positions on its national board of directors beginning in July.

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Wonderlamp by Studio Job and Pieke Bergmans for Dilmos

Artists Studio Job have sent us a couple of images of a lighting project they will present in collaboration with Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans for Italian gallery Dilmos in Milan next month.

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BASE flagship store by Creneau International

Belgian designers Creneau International have completed the interior of a store at Antwerp Central station for Belgian mobile phone providers BASE.

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breakfast pizza

This Breakfast Pizza is making me hungry.
(I have no clue where I found this first, so pardon me not giving proper via-credit)

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MephoBox: a collection of user interface and design elements.
(via @smashingmag)

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How to Make an HTML5 iPhone App

You've been depressed for like a year now, I know. All the hardcore Objective-C developers have been having a hay-day writing apps for the iPhone.

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BabyMonitor by IKEA

Wow, that’s huge: Home furnishings giant IKEA has entered the electronics market with their version of the baby monitor.
(thank you chris and deb)

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House K by Yoshichika Takagi

Japanese architect Yoshichika Takagi has completed a house in Sapporo, Japan, where the interior is divided by a series of wooden structures with pitched roofs.

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Hand in Hand Clock Yen-Wen Tseng

Taiwanese designer Yen-Wen Tseng has designed a clock where the hands are linked by two more pivoting arms.

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“Unlocking the Infinite Library” is the second 10×10 piece recently launched and designed by Method.
“Will tablets save publishing? Should content be protected by pay walls?

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High Quality Bookmarks

If you are anything like me, then my guess is that you search for inspiration in various places.

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Timothy Saccenti x Build

Whenever one hears ‘Build’ and ‘web design’ in the same sentence, you instantly know it’s going to be something interesting especially if that website is being develo

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New (and Old) Topographics

On Places, New (and Old) Topographics — selected photographs from the Center for Creative Photography that comprise a complementary exhibition to the current restaging of the groundbreaking

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Animated GIF Paranoia

I am quite late to the game with this Animated GIF Paranoia. I was just staring at it for a good 10minutes completely mesmerized.

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Fake Rainbow

The world needs more (Fake) Rainbows.