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Microsoft's Touted iPad Rival Courier Becomes Less Than Vapor

Kostya writes "The much discussed Courier two-panel tablet device from Microsoft is now even less than vaporware — now it's just plain dead.

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Who Cares About Books?

Digital devices are creating new possibilities for reading, but don’t write off books just yet. Heller argues for the mutability and adaptability of print.

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The Sentient and the Bag of Meat

In most cases, design education takes place within the larger context of this thing called “art school.” Students can be grouped into one of two categories: the Sentient and the Bag o

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SALA 50th Anniversary Celebration

Arizona State University's School of Architecture + Landscape Architecture is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

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Frank Chimero: Quote

If there’s an ecosystem where things are free (such as, say, the internet) your currency becomes enthusiasm.

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Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) is speaking on "10 Ways to Leverage Social Networks to the Max for Your Business" at http://j.mp/100-

Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) is speaking on "10 Ways to Leverage Social Networks to the Max for Your Business" at http

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Catalan De Ocon & Francesco Faccin: Pieletrico

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Why Content Strategy? And Why Now?

Inspiration often comes from strange places.
†Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, author Scott McCloud examines how we receive different types of information and that process relates directly

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Don’t lose perspective for the sake of good search engine placement

Admit it, you want to be number one on Google. We all do. However, if you let it become an obsession it can ruin your site.

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Google-Doodle zu Ehren des Fahrrad-Erfinders

Es gibt eigentlich keinen Grund, die Google-Homepage zu besuchen … außer an Feier- und Jubiläumstagen, um ein Doodle zu bewundern.

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User Theming mit transparenten CSS-Sprites

-->Eine der nützlichsten Techniken in der Frontend-Entwicklung sind die schlichten CSS-Sprites.

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032c #19

Out shortly: issue 19 of 032c, featuring 284pp of goodness and some Photoshopped weirdness with monkeys on the cover.

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Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

If you are looking to learn about grungy metal, glass, water, clouds, fire, wet ink Photoshop text effect tutorials, you will find some by reading up on these tutorials.

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Formen finden und nicht stehlen (3)

Viel habe ich nicht herausgefunden, über das Kunstgewerbehaus Wilhelm Fahrig in Braunschweig.

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Formats for books:

Rebecca at Birmingham's International Project Space (which can be found in my old college in Bournville) very kindly sent me a couple of copies of the booklet produced in conjunction with their curren

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Government Approves First US Off-Shore Wind Farm

RobotRunAmok writes "In a groundbreaking decision that some say will usher in a new era of clean energy, U.S.

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Rough Justice For Terry Childs

snydeq writes "Deep End's Paul Venezia sees significant negative ramifications for IT admins in the wake of yesterday's guilty verdict for Terry Childs on a count of 'denial of service.' Assuming the

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HP To Buy Palm For $1.2 Billion

necro81 writes "Palm, Inc., which has struggled in recent months after making a splash with its Pre smartphone, will be bought by HP, the world's largest computer maker.

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Nokia Releases Qt SDK For Mobile Development

An anonymous reader writes "Nokia has released their unified Qt-based SDK for cross-platform development for Symbian and MeeGo (plus Maemo) devices.

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Anyone Can Play Big Brother With BitTorrent

An anonymous reader writes "I was at the 3rd USENIX Workshop on Large-Scale Exploits and Emergent Threats yesterday, and there were people from the French Institute for Computer Science who have conti

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FTC Could Gain Enforcement Power Over Internet

Hugh Pickens writes "The Washington Post reports that under a little-known provision in financial overhaul legislation before Congress the Federal Trade Commission could become a more powerful watchdo

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Free Remote Access Tools For Windows and Mac Compared

snydeq writes "InfoWorld's Keith Schultz provides an in-depth comparison of seven free remote access tools for Windows, four of which offer compatibility with the Mac.

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Vatican Chooses Open FITS Image Format

@10u8 writes "The Vatican Library plans to digtize 80,000 manuscripts and store them in the open data format FITS, originally developed for astronomy and maintained under the IAU.

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California's Santa Clara County Bans Happy Meal Toys

WrongSizeGlass writes "The L.A. Times is reporting that Santa Clara County officials have voted to ban toys and other promotions that restaurants offer with high-calorie children's meals.

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Microsoft Signs Android Patent Deal With HTC

adeelarshad82 writes "Microsoft and HTC have signed a patent deal that will provide broad coverage under Microsoft's patent portfolio for HTC's mobile phones running the Android mobile platform.

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jQuery Cookbook

Michael J.

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Japan To Launch Solar Sail Spacecraft "Ikaros"

separsons writes "On May 18th, Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) will launch Ikaros, a fuel-free spacecraft that relies completely on solar power.

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Cleaners Paint Over Priceless Art

The Melbourne city council learned the hard way that one man's art is another man's crap on a wall that needs to be painted over.

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FAA Says No More Minesweeper Or Solitaire In Cockpit

If you like to pass the time playing minesweeper, or checking your Facebook updates while piloting a 900,000-pound aircraft 400 mph, you won't like the latest FAA decision.

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FAA Setting Up Commercial Spaceflight Center

coondoggie writes "The FAA this week took a step closer to setting up a central hub for the development of key commercial space transportation technologies such as space launch and traffic management

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Making unusual connections is the basis of creativity.
- From Mind in the Making, by Ellen Galinsky

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The Shaker Project

The Shaker Project is a site showcasing an impressive (!) collection of salt and pepper shakers. Yes, that’s it. Not more and not less.
(thank you Craig)

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YouTube Didn't Ban M.I.A. Video, But Buried It (Apple, Take Note)

Contrary to news reports, YouTube did not remove the violent video for M.I.A.'s "Born Free," in which military forces round up and execute red-headed children.

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Twin Study Deepens Multiple Sclerosis Mystery

A genetic study of twins where one has MS and the other doesn't frustratingly turned up no clues to understanding the cause of the disease.

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Lights, Bots, Action! Former Car-Assembly Droids Get Career Reboot

Since being purchased at fire-sale prices and reprogrammed, laid-off autobots Puck, Gilda and Rosie are living the glam life, filming spots for Louis Vuitton, Apple and Nike.

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Gallery: Battle Bots Reign Triumphant at Robogames

Here's a look at the robots that dominated the largest robotics game competition, Robogames.

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Bowers & Wilkins Brings Desktop Bling With Sweet Speaks

B&W’s MM-1 desktop speakers are a perfect mix of business and pleasure, with rich tones and killer bass tucked inside sleek black boxes.

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Whale in hat eats fried egg

It's Children's Festival time in Belfast again and every year Julie at Stray Illustration does a lovely job at illustrating the programme and website. This year, I think she's excelled herself.

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What's Inside a Winning Battle Bot

Wired.com heads to the RoboGames, where weapon-wielding robots face off in a fight to the death.

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Power-Sipping Netbook Is a Traveler's BFF

Small, powerful, portable: The MSI U160 is a globetrotter's BFF.

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Teabags Royal

Hey, who’s hanging out in your tea? Oh, it’s Teabag Royalty!

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Beach Ball

Yes, we are ready for summer, here at casa swissmiss. And this Beach Ball gets the swissmiss sign of approval.

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Run Addicts

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Coiled by BCXSY for Editions in Craft

Milan 2010: Eindhoven designers Boaz Cohen & Sayaka Yamamoto of BCXSY presented a collection of  vessels and a light made up of beaded coils at Spazio Rosana Orlandi in Milan earlier this month.

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Longform.org, created by Brooklyn based Aaron Lammer, collects the best in long form journalism and then helps you add the articles to your Instapaper account. *Love* the idea and the execution!

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A Showcase of Animal Concept Logo Designs

Are you in a dilemma? Running out of ideas? Searching for inspiration to create a quality logo design? Well then, this post will help you overcome your designer’s block!

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Shanghai Expo 2010 pavilions

Dezeen reader Chaz Hutton snuck into the Shanghai Expo 2010, due to open this weekend. Here are his photographs of a selection of the pavilions.

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Why Branding Yourself is Important

Here are a few reasons on why branding yourself is important.

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City Series and Studio Line by Michael Young for Zixag

Hong Kong designer Michael Young has created a collection of computer bags for Chinese brand Zixag.

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Bjarke Ingels and Tristan Kobler at Designer Werktag

Dezeen promotion: at interiors event Designer Werktag in Munich next month 14 studios will present their work alongside lectures including Bjarke Ingels of Copenhagen and Tristan Kobler of Zurich.

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»HOLLYWOOD« ist gerettet

Das HOLLYWOOD Sign, der Schriftzug auf dem Cahuenga Peak über Hollywood, einem Stadtteil von Los Angeles, ist eine der berühmtesten Wortmarken der Welt.

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Showcasing Great Iron Man Based Creations

As you know, the sequel to Iron Man the movie is coming next month. It seems like a good time to showcase some greatly executed and interesting compositions created by fans.

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Spark Panel

I have the honor to be on a panel discussing “Designers Developing Additional Revenue Streams” this coming tuesday, May4th, organized by Spark.