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Biagioni Pecorari adds brick water tower to remodelled house in Argentina


AngularJS For Test-Driven Development: Open Assignment

What You'll Be Creating

This AngularJS contact management app was the course project for the new Tuts+ course Angula


Coloring Android Apps with Palette

One of the defining features of material design is the use of color to compliment and emphasize content on the screen.


Build an AngularJS App Powered by Python EVE: Part 2

In the previous part of this series, we implemen

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Typographic fashion

Unamono persuaded me to design silk scarves for them.

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Transmitting from the Alps

For the next two weeks, I’ll be transmitting from the Swiss Alps, a region in the North East called Appenzell.


The Beginners Guide to WooCommerce Taxes, Part 2

In the previous article, we discussed half of the configuration options for Tax Settings in WooCommerce.

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Aiming To Beat Tesla's "3", Chevy Tests and Teases a Cheaper 200-Mile Electric Car

PC Magazine is one of many to note Chevrolet's upcoming effort to beat Tesla's Model 3 to market with a car that is "affordable" (a lot more affordable than the Model S) but which tops the 200-mile ra


ECMAScript 6 Power Tutorial: Template Strings

Welcome to
the second part of my series about ECMAScript 6!


The Tuts+ Guide to Template Tags: Third Batch

In the third part of the series, we went through the second batch of WordPress template tags. In this fourth part, we're going to go through the third batch of the almost 200 template tags.


New Course: Easy Hosting With Azure Websites

Cloud services have fundamentally changed the web, and Microsoft's Azure is at the forefront of the cloud revolution.


Create a Native Apple Watch App for watchOS 2

In this tutorial, you will learn how to take advantage of new APIs and functionality in watchOS 2 to make a native Apple Watch application.


Programming With Yii2: AuthClient Integration With Twitter, Google and Other Networks

Final product imageWhat You'll Be Creating

If you're asking, "What's Yii?" check out my earlier tu


Meet Tuts+ Reader Andrew Garcia

Name: Andrew Garcia

Location: Manila, Philippines

Topics of Interest: PHP, WordPress, Laravel, Magento, Marketing

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Who Owns Your Overtime?

HughPickens.com writes: Fran Sussner Rodgers writes in the NY Times that a little-noticed change in the American workplace is about to occur.

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Wald Hi-Lo

The WALD Hi Lo Plug Lamp is a piece of beauty. Totally #wishlisted.

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Why your website continues to disappoint

Great design on the web doesn't come from moments of inspiration. It comes from the continual iteration of every detail.

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Shortlist announced for Inside Awards 2015 World Interior of the Year

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Daniel Fügenschuh adds white concrete loft to a 20th-century apartment block in Austria

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A Look at Some CSS Methodologies

CSS methodologies help you create maintainable/scalable stylesheets. Also, following a set of guidelines/best practices for your projects has many benefits.


Magento Pre-Launch Checklist

Making a Magento website live is not child’s play. If you are a Magento developer you know that this a daunting task for even a seasoned developer.

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Special 13 Fonts

We have compile a list of Free Downloadable various type Fonts for personal & commercial use for Web Designers and Logo Artists by which you can save your money as well as time and focus on makin

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Friday Link Pack

– We can get more done, if we care enough. And trust enough; A good bucket brigade – I would totally adopt Harold the Jellyfish. Henry the slug is pretty cool too.

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Google Pulling Back the Veil On Its Custom-Built Data Centers

jfruh writes: In the mid-'00s, as Google scaled up its data centers to meet increasing demand, "we could not buy, for any price, a data-center network that would meet the requirements of our distribut