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Véronique Vienne: Image Making, Reclaimed

Etienne Hervy, art director of the International Graphic Design Festival in Chaumont, France, asked a painter, not a graphic designer, to create a pair of poste

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You! Be Informed! – #0063 – Metropolitan Museum of Art releases 400,000 works online

It’s a good day to be a art history nerd. The Metropolitan Museum of has …

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Totally mesmerized by this animated gif. (via)

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Two Options

It seems so simple.

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Typography In Motion

Typography, the art of creating, combining, and arranging type, has seen innovation over the years. …

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Higher Education & Digital Transformation

Having worked with over 30 higher education institutions I have come to consider myself a part of the sector. I have battled with the same challenges.

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Themify Icons: iOS7 Inspired Icon Set

Are you looking for an alternative for Font Awesome? I have a good news for you!

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Congress Unhappy With FCC's Proposed Changes To Net Neutrality

Presto Vivace writes with news that the FCC's suggested net neutrality rules are facing opposition in Congress.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order Launches

Back in 1992, Wolfenstein 3D helped kick off the fledgling FPS genre. Today, the saga continues with Wolfenstein: the New Order.

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Why Lavabit Shut Down

An anonymous reader writes "Ladar Levison, founder of the encrypted email service Lavabit that shut down last year because of friction with U.S.

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Tutorial Tuesday – Ribbon Typography Tutorial

Today on Tutorial Tuesday, we teach you an easy way to achieve a ribbon typography …

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10 ways to stop your social media updates being a news snooze

Social media is not a channel for broadcasting. Rather use it to engage. There is no shortages of material making that possible.

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The Best Commencement Speeches, Ever

Some fine folks over at NPR hand-picked over 300 commencement speeches going back to 1774. Search by name, school, date or theme. I want to hug the person responsible for this. Go listen! (via Liz)

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Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

In this brand new TED Talk Simon Sinek asks: What makes a great leader? He suggests it’s someone who makes their employees feel secure, who draws staffers into a circle of trust.

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Seth Godin in conversation with Debbie Millman

At the 2014 HOW conference, Debbie Millman, host of interview show Design Matters sat down with Seth Godin to discuss courage, anxiety, change, creative integrity, and why he got thrown out of Milton

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This SlideRunner takes an indoor staircase into a giant slide. Amazing, right? (via)

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My kids *love* taking photos with my iphone, which results in thousands of shots cluttering up my library. KidCam is about to solve that.

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At Work With: Alexander Scholz, HOLO

We have a slightly late start to the week as we join Berlin-based Alexander Scholz, creative director of new magazine HOLO, as he heads of to New York for their US launch.

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Why Google Wants to Be a Gaming Company So Badly

Google is turning into more of a gaming company.

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The AT&T-DirecTV Merger Could Be Bad News for a Free Internet

We’re moving toward a world where only a handful of companies control our television, phone, and internet services.

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What Television Will Look Like in 2025, According to Netflix

Say goodbye to endlessly surfing through Netflix to find the show you want to watch.

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Tadao Ando's Casa Monterrey nestles against a hillside in Mexico

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OBlog: More Botany

Avery Thatcher is one of the emerging designers from the oft-lauded creative class in Portland, Oregon.

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30-Day Status Update On LibreSSL

ConstantineM writes: "Bob Beck — OpenBSD, OpenSSH and LibreSSL developer and the director of Alberta-based non-profit OpenBSD Foundation — gave a talk earlier today at BSDCan 2014 in Ottaw

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You! Be Inspired! – Dangerously Beautiful Chalkboard Typography

Two anonymous graduates spent their senior year enchanting the halls of Columbus College of Art …

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The Penrose Annual 1965, Volume 58

I shouldn't reveal my sources really. But then this was an exceptional case and I don't expect it to be repeated any time soon. 99p. OK, plus £5 postage but still, 99p. Ebay. Expect to pay more.

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Free Business & Finance Vector Icon Set (EPS)

This free download contains 140 icons in vector format.

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Die CMS-Landschaft im Jahr 2014

Dreimal habe ich hier im Blog bereits verschiedene Content-Management-Systeme verglichen und Empfehlungen ausgesprochen:

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Laura Tarrish: Hunter/Gatherer: Botanicals

Each of us has a connection to nature — a primal response to certain landscapes — yet we don’t always use it as raw material for our own work.

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This Good World

This Good World is a search discovery platform that highlights and supports businesses doing good things.

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Better Swag!

What's the coolest swag you've ever received? What was it? What company gave it out? — Tina Roth Eisenberg (@swissmiss) May 14, 2014 Ever gotten some swag that really made you go wow!

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Dear Massimo

Envelope design by Erik Marinovich.

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Easy Color Palette Tips

Visual art contains six elements: line, shape, color, texture, value, and mass.

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Momentus Big Bang Findings Questioned

sciencehabit writes "The biggest discovery in cosmology in a decade could turn out to be an experimental artifact, according to a report by a physics blogger.

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Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

The first time I blogged about the Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker it was a Kickstarter. Now, I see it fore sale in neighborhood stores and it makes me smile. Total hipster shaker, I know…

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Book on Book

“Book on Book” is an acrylic transparent page holder that keeps a book open.

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Dinner Conversation With My 8 year Old

Me: “What do you think I do at work all day?” Ella (8): “Sit at your computer and laugh!” Dead on. The fact, that Ella knows my job makes me happy, is the *best thing ever*.

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A few months ago, when Catherine Hoke, founder of Defy Ventures, spoke at CreativeMornings, she asked: “What if you were only known for the worst thing you’ve ever done in your life?” I remember

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Pseudo Papercut Illustrations of Eiko Ojala

What is more awesome than a series of papercut illustrations that are paper-free?

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Overcoming social media fear

The reason many corporate social media feeds are boring is because of fear. Fear of making a mistake. But, it doesn't need to be that way.

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At Work With: Danny Sturgess, Stipla

Danny Sturgess is a London-based digital designer and part of the team behind independent iPad magazine Stipla, the first edition of which was published late last year.