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New Funeral Home in Sant Joan Despí by Batlle i Riog Arquitectes

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Anthony Townsend: Smart Cities: Buggy and Brittle

On Places, urban forecaster Anthony Townsend considers the vulnerability of smart cities to power failures, hackers and software bugs.

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Linux-capable Arduino TRE Debuts At Maker Faire Rome

DeviceGuru writes "At the Maker Faire Rome this week, Arduino announced a next-generation Arduino single board computer featuring a dual-processor architecture, and able to run a 'full Linux OS', in c

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What Developers Can Learn From Healthcare.gov

An anonymous reader writes "Soured by his attempt to acquire a quote from healthcare.gov, James Turner compiled a short list of things developers can learn from the experience: 'The first highly visib

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Access CSS

This week on the Boagworld web design podcast, should we use CSS frameworks on live sites and is it okay for accessibility to hold back innovation?

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Design-Based Media Queries

Design-based media queries is the concept of setting media queries based on the design, instead of specific mobile devices.

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Books x magazines – a tale of two formats

There are a good few magazine-related books around at the moment, and here are two very different examples that have crossed my desk recently: the self-explanatory ‘Radio Times Cover Story’ and

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Centro Roberto Garza Sada de Arte Arquitectura y Diseño by Tadao Ando

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Teen Artist Chronicles Cross-Country Train Odyssey in Tumblr Comics

Taylor-Ruth Baldwin is a 19-year-old comic artist and illustrator who chronicled the recent Station to Station art event in comics.

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Scientists Create New "Lightsaber-Like" Form of Matter

First time accepted submitter loftarasa writes "A group of scientists led by Harvard Professor of Physics Mikhail Lukin and MIT Professor of Physics Vladan Vuletic have developed a form of matter by b

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New Solar Cell Sets Record For Energy Efficiency

Lucas123 writes "After three years of work, German and French researchers have achieved a new world record on converting sunlight to energy through a photovoltaic cell, achieving a 44.7% rate of effic

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Let’s be clear about commenting

There seems to be a growing backlash against commenting on blogs, but is it justified?

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It’s time to adopt object oriented thinking

Have you heard the term object oriented? Have you dismissed it as something that only applies to developers and techies? If so, think again.

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Featured Artist: Typography and Lettering by Martina Flor

Typography is one of the most important aspects of design.

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Overmatter 25.09.13

National Geographic is celebrating 125 years of publishing with a tumblr archive. It’s the last few days of the PPA cover of the century vote. Hint – Time Out.

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Villa Kanousan by Yuusuke Karasawa

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Study: Our 3D Universe Could Have Originated From a 4D Black Hole

New submitter TaleSlinger sends this quote from Nature: "Afshordi's team realized that if the bulk universe contained its own four-dimensional (4D) stars, some of them could collapse, forming 4D black

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The Modern Magazine – more speakers

A reminder that tickets are available for the first magCulture conference, The Modern Magazine, a day-long event set for October 16 in London.

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Early Childhood Centre in Wassenaar by Kraaijvanger

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Mark Hough: Champion Trees, Urban Forests, and a Plan to Save the Planet

On Places, Mark Hough reviews The Man Who Planted Trees, and explores its bold claim: that planting trees can save the planet.

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Ricky Jay: Ricky Jay on Collecting

In this installment of Insights Per Minute Ricky Jay speaks on collecting.