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Ask Slashdot: If You Could Assemble a "FrankenOS" What Parts Would You Use?

rnws writes: While commenting about log-structured file systems in relation to flash SSD's, I referenced Digital's Spiralog [pdf], released for OpenVMS in 1996.

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Meine zerstörte iCloud-Mediathek

Meine iTunes-Bibliothek ist ganz schön alt. Ich stamme ja noch aus einer Generation, die mit dem Mantra „Rip. Mix. Burn.“ etwas anfangen konnte.

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An Unconventional NYC Friendship

Ricky Syers is an off-beat 50 year old street performer who found his calling as a puppeteer after a lifetime of manual labor.

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11 New Transitional Fonts

We have compile a list of Free Downloadable various type Fonts for personal & commercial use for Web Designers and Logo Artists by which you can save your money as well as time and focus on makin


Understand Registry and Loader Objects in OpenCart


OpenCart has became a very useful eCommerce framework for small to medium level online stores.


Get Started With Monitoring Your Web Application Using New Relic Alerts


Let's start with an extreme example.


The Tuts+ Guide to Template Tags: Fourth Batch

In the fourth part of the series, we went through the third batch of WordPress template tags. In this fifth part, we're going to go through the fourth batch of the almost 200 template tags.

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How to get respect as an in-house design team

In a recent post for Creative Bloq I explore some ways in-house teams can get the respect they deserve.


JavaScript: How to Embed Private Members Into an Object

I recently developed Angular Cloud Data Connector, which enables Angular
developers to use cloud data,

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Federal Wiretaps Down Slightly, Encryption Impact Decreases

coondoggie writes: According to the 2014 Wiretap Report, released today by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts a total of a total of 3,554 wiretaps were reported as authorized, with

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Reimagining the Web Design Process

As web design and development continues to evolve, static web pages don't cut it anymore.

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Biagioni Pecorari adds brick water tower to remodelled house in Argentina


AngularJS For Test-Driven Development: Open Assignment

What You'll Be Creating

This AngularJS contact management app was the course project for the new Tuts+ course Angula


Coloring Android Apps with Palette

One of the defining features of material design is the use of color to compliment and emphasize content on the screen.


Build an AngularJS App Powered by Python EVE: Part 2

In the previous part of this series, we implemen

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Typographic fashion

Unamono persuaded me to design silk scarves for them.

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Transmitting from the Alps

For the next two weeks, I’ll be transmitting from the Swiss Alps, a region in the North East called Appenzell.


The Beginners Guide to WooCommerce Taxes, Part 2

In the previous article, we discussed half of the configuration options for Tax Settings in WooCommerce.

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Aiming To Beat Tesla's "3", Chevy Tests and Teases a Cheaper 200-Mile Electric Car

PC Magazine is one of many to note Chevrolet's upcoming effort to beat Tesla's Model 3 to market with a car that is "affordable" (a lot more affordable than the Model S) but which tops the 200-mile ra


ECMAScript 6 Power Tutorial: Template Strings

Welcome to
the second part of my series about ECMAScript 6!


The Tuts+ Guide to Template Tags: Third Batch

In the third part of the series, we went through the second batch of WordPress template tags. In this fourth part, we're going to go through the third batch of the almost 200 template tags.


New Course: Easy Hosting With Azure Websites

Cloud services have fundamentally changed the web, and Microsoft's Azure is at the forefront of the cloud revolution.


Create a Native Apple Watch App for watchOS 2

In this tutorial, you will learn how to take advantage of new APIs and functionality in watchOS 2 to make a native Apple Watch application.